We are already take note of your advice, the videos really sweet to watch 🥰🥰🥰

Have to thank Johnson as well.. We truly appreciate your team’s great works and the production of the entire process 😄👍

This is a BIG project for us… Kinda relieved and the process is quite enjoyable ❤️

Joen Wong

That video make cry, very nice, great job 👍

David Lim

Thank you very much for the shooting and editing, capturing out precious moments which only happen once in our lifetime.

Many beautiful shots captured indeed and the day n night videos and montage, we didn’t realize some of those were captured.



摄影师额外拍摄的小彩蛋很可以 🤣
很满意~很感谢 😆

Fion Tang

影片的色调好喜欢,摄影师把当天的回忆都拍起来留下了,很感动,谢谢你们 ❤️